DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable Generator with LED Light Portable Power Station 1200W for Solar Panel for Camping and Outdoor Travel RV

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Model: DK-LFP1200–1248WH
Battery Type: LiFePO4
AC Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Capacity: 1248Wh
Rated Output Power: 1200W Surge 2400W
AC Output: 110V
Charging Time: ~2Hrs(by AC Power)
MPPTInput: ~4Hrs(400W)500W Max
Cigar Lighter: 12V/10A
DC Output*2: 12V/3A
USB*2: 5V/2.4A
Type-C(PD)*4: 100W*1,20W*3
Size: 386*225*317mm
Weight: 14.5KG
Operating Temperature: -10℃-40℃

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Battery Cell Type LiFePO4 Lithium batteries
Battery Capacity 1248Wh 1200W Portable Power Station
Cycle Life 3000times
Input Wattage 700W
Recharge time(AC) 2 hours
Output Wattage 1200W(2400Wpeak)
Output Interface(AC) 100V~120V/2000W*4
Output Interface(USB-A) 5V/2.4A *2
Output Interface(USB-C) PD100W*1&PD20W *3
Output Interface(DC) DC5521 12V/3A *2
Output Interface(Cigarette port) (12V/15A)*1
UPS Function YES
Pass-Through Charging YES
Solar Compatible(MPPT Built In) YES
Dimensions L*W*L = 386*225*317mm
Weight 14.5KG
Certificates FCC CE PSE RoHS UN38.3 MSDS


Quick Recharging in 2 Hours – 700w super fast recharging, taking only 2 hours to reach 100% battery, through 700W wall outlet + 500W solar panel simultaneously. Recharging by car outlet when drive on the road is also available.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Mode - The biggest advantage of our product over other power stations is that it has UPS inverter integrated. Connect the power station between wall outlet and devices, when there is a sudden power failure, our power station will auto switch to the UPS power supply mode within 10ms, so as to keep safe working for the computer, refrigerator, bottle warmer and other appliances below 700W.

Built-in bidirectional inverter - Instead of traditional power cable with bulky "bricks", we make it using optimized built-in bidirectional inverter to get a full charge quickly (within 2 hours) directly from a light weight AC cable. This reduces power station's weight, saves charging time, and brings your device back to work more safely and faster.

BMS Protection is Safer- The generator has built-in battery management system (BMS) and intelligent cooling system to protect users from five major safety problems: overcharge protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, over current protection and short circuit. The portable power station has undergone rigorous laboratory tests to operate more safely and efficiently.

Durable and Safer LiFePO4 Battery- Stability and safety are our top priorities, 2000+ super long life. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, it has better safety and longer service life. Smart LCD screen, real-time display of current, voltage, power, temperature and charging status.

Power 16 Electronic Devices- You can charge your electronics and small appliances up to 16 simultaneously! 6×110V/1200W AC output, 2×12V/3A DC output, 2×5V/2.4A USB output, 2×18W USB QC 3.0, 2×5-20V/5.0A, 100W Type C, 1×12V/10A XT-60 output, 1×12V/10A car charging outlet, 6×AC wall outlets (Total 1200W). The large capacity power station is an indispensable choice for household emergency, party in remote corners of home, going out camping, or RV traveling.

Environmentally Safe Power – Designed with durable exterior shell with convenient handle, the 32130 LiFePo4 battery ensures safety of power station. It is quite and free of emissions when charging, its you must-have power station for home and outdoors. 12 months product warranty, any questions about the product please contact us freely, we will provide our most professional service to you!

DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 1
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 2
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 3
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 4
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 5
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 6
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 7
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 8
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 9
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 10
DK-LFP1200-1248WH Potable 11

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