DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W Portable Power Station Solar Generator Energy Storage Power Supply Ternary NCM Battery Outdoor Large Power Bank

Short Description:

Model: DK-NCM3200-3600WH
Battery Type: NCM Ternary
AC Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Capacity: 3600Wh
Rated Output Power: 3200W
AC Output: 110V/230V
Charging Time: About 1.2Hrs (by AC power)
Size: 449*236*336mm
Weight: 23KG
Operating Temperature: -20℃-60℃

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DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity2
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity3

Product parameters

Battery Cell Type NCM Lithium batteries
Battery Capacity 3600Wh 3200W Portable Power Station
Cycle Life 900times
Input Wattage 3000W
Recharge time(AC) 1.2 hours
Output Wattage 3200W
Output Interface(AC) 220V~3200W
Output Interface(USB-A) 5V/2.4A *2
Output Interface(USB-C) PD100W*1&PD20W *3
Output Interface(Cigarette port) 12V/200W
Dimensions L*W*L =449*236*336mm
Weight 23KG
Certificates FCC CE PSE RoHS UN38.3 MSDS
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W13
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W01
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W08
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W14
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W09
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W02
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W10
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W03
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W11
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W04
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W05
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W12
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W06
DK-NCM3200-3600WH Huge Capacity 3200W07

1. The appliances power is within the rated output power range of the product but it cannot be used?
The power of the product is low and needs to be recharged. When some electrical appliances are started, the peak power is higher than the product power, or the nominal power of the electrical appliance is greater than the product power.

2. Why is there a sound when using it?
The sound comes from the fan or the SCM when you start or using the product.

3. Is it normal the charging cable heat up during use?
Yes, it is. The cable complies with national safety standards and has applied the certificates.

4. What kind of battery we use in this product?
The battery type is lithium iron phosphate.

5. What devices the product can support by the AC output?
The AC output is rated 2000W, peak 4000W. It's available to power most of the home appliances, which rated power is lower than 2000w. Please make sure the total loading by AC is under 2000W before using.

6. How can we know the remain using time?
Please check the data on the screen, it will show the remain using time when you turn on.

7. How can we confirm the product is recharging?
When the product is under charging, the product screen will show the input wattage, and the power percentage indicator will blinking.

8. How should we clean the product?
Please use a dry, soft, clean cloth or tissue to wipe the product.

9. How to storage?
Please turn off the product place it in a dry, ventilated place with room temperature. Do not place this product near water
sources. For long-term storage, we recommend to use the product every three months(Run out the remain power first and recharge it to the percentage you want, such as 50%).

10. Can we take this product on airplane?
NO, you can't.

11. Is the actual output capacity of the product the same as the target capacity in the user manual?
The capacity of the user manual is the rated capacity of the battery pack of this product. Because this product has a certain efficiency loss during the charging and discharging process, the actual output capacity of the product is lower than the capacity specified in the user manual.

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